Consumed by the Fire

March 7, 2021
Sunday sermon by Bro. Joe Palomino. Topic: The consuming fire of God will make the difference in your life.

The Road to New

February 28, 2021
Sunday sermon with Pastor Steve Hanson. Topic: The Word of God has declared freedom for you and me, but we must walk into that freedom!

The Better Part

February 16, 2021
Tuesday night Bible study by Pastor Steve Hanson. Topic: There is always good, better and best - let's choose right!

Weaponized Optimism

February 9, 2021
Tuesday Bible study with Pastor Steve Hanson. Topic: We must learn to color our world through optimism.

Surely Goodness and Mercy

February 7, 2021
Sunday morning sermon by Pastor Steve Hanson.Topic: If you are a child of God, goodness & mercy will be your life-long companions.